Teenager Bit By Rattlesnake At Texas Beach

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Austin Fleming was enjoying a weekend away with his friends at a beach house for prom when things went from good to bad ater he got struck by a rattlesnake.

“At first, I’ve never been stung by a wasp or anything, so I was like, ’This is what it feels like to get stung by a wasp,’” Fleming told KHOU. “But then a second later, I looked down and I saw the snake and I realized what just happened.”

The bite happened as Fleming was walking Jamaica beach in Texas and although he was wearing jeans and socks, the rattlesnake was still able to pierce through to his ankle.

It’s not something you expect, to go to the beach and get bit by a snake. I didn’t expect to be here,” his mother, Yesenia Sandino, told KTRK. “The fact that he is recovering is Mother’s Day present enough for me.”

Fleming was taken to the hospital where he spent 8 days recovering.