Tekashi69 Sentenced To 2-Years In Jail After Testifying

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Famous rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine testified against a former gang members, The federal judge gave him credit for pleading guilty. He also helped the prosecution send a lot of his former associates to jail.

The New York city MC’s dad showed up for his testifying but was denied to testify himself in his sons plea deal.

The members Takashi “snitched” on was in the Nine Trey Gang and they’re considered “Bloods” as “extraordinary” and “extremely useful.”.

The judge during the hearing Paul A. Engelmayer told reporters that Mr. Hernandez had no chance of immediate released, his lawyers fought for this.

“I feel glad that he’s safe in there,” said Tekashi69s father. He provided the jury with accurate information in his part & others corroboration about several crimes.

He also admitted that he felt “weak” and being very young majority of the crimes were committed during his time in youth.

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