Terry Crews Files Lawsuit Against Adam Venit For Sexual Harassment

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Terry Crews has filed a lawsuit against Adam Venit who he claims assaulted him.

The lawsuit was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on December 4th.

Crews claim is against Venit for inappropriately groping him at a party earlier in 2016.

The star crews spoke about the incident on twitter citing: “This whole thing with Harvey Weinstein is giving me PTSD. Why? Because this kind of thing happened to me” said Crews.

He expressed his support for those who may be going through the same situation:

“I understand and empathize with those who have remained silent. But Harvey Weinstein is not the only perpetrator”

He continued “Hollywood is not the only business where this happens, and to the casualties of this behavior — you are not alone. Hopefully, me coming forward with my story will deter a predator and encourage someone who feels hopeless.”

Venit was suspended for one month without pay and later returned to work on November 27th, Crews was not pleased and wrote to twitter “SOMEONE GOT A PASS.”

Crews is now seeking monetary and punitive damages for assault among other charges.

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