Texas Teen Found “Incompetent” To Stand Trail Accused Of Shooting 10 People

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A teen was accused of fatally shooting 10 people at a Texas High School. His trail will be delayed after 3 experts determined he was “incompetent”.

This could lead to recovery and will most likely be admitted to a mental facility where he will receive treatment.

Regarding the signing of a order the judge “indicated he’s going to, there’s no reason to contest it, everybody’s in agreement he’s not competent,”.

The teen who’s real name is Dimitrios Pagourtzis trial will be delayed, It is set to start in Febuary of 2020.

Pagourtzis will be sent to the Galveston County Jail to a state mental health facility and he will remain there for 4-6 months after he finishes he will be re-evaluated for his trial.

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