Texas woman Banned From Walmart After Eating Half A Cake And Not Paying

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A Texas woman was banned from her local Walmart after she ate half a cake and refused to pay for the missing portion, according to Police.

Wichita Falls Police were called to a Walmart around 8:00 p.m. Tuesday after receiving calls that a woman walked around the store eating half of a cake and refusing to pay for the whole thing, Department Spokesman Officer Jeff Hughes told the Wichita Falls Times Record News. The unidentified woman entered the bakery section and ate half of a cake while walking through the store, WWOR reported

Once she made it to the cashier, the woman demanded the price of the cake be half off because she was only buying half a cake. According to police, she refused to pay for whole cake even though she ate it on her way to checkout.

When the police arrived the woman paid for the cake and was banned from the store for theft.

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