THC Found In Valentine Treats That Sent 28 Students To The Hospital

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According to investigators, the Valentine treats served at an Atlanta middle school and sent 28 students to the hospital, had traces of THC found in the samples. After eating the candies, children were taken to the ER after complaining of feeling “nauseated and disoriented.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation collected 46 food samples to test and analyze. According to investigators, the incident that occurred at Sandtown Middle School on Valentine’s Day had one item that “has the appearance of cereal.”

The news release said the test found THC, a crystalline compound that is the main active ingredient of cannabis and is used to treat or prevent nausea and vomiting caused by cancer medications, in one of the samples. It is unknown if the food was served at the schools Valentine party or if they were handed out by a student. The school advised students “not to eat anything given to them by another person and not to bring anything they didn’t bring form their own.”

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