The 5 Best Teas For “Tea Meditation”

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The technique of meditation is a practice that usually involves focusing on an object, sound or your breath. Meditation helps to allow the mind’s activity to settle down, resulting in you becoming more calm and focused. One common issue during meditation is trying to sit still and stop your mind from wandering. One way that helps with this struggle is by practicing “moving meditation.” Qigong is a type of  moving meditation that uses rhythmic physical movements to focus and center the mind. Oigong is a practice that uses a combination of meditation and low-impact exercise to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve blood flow and increase energy.

There are many ways you can practice moving meditation, from yoga, to walking and even dancing. A simplistic and rejuvenating moving meditation technique is called “tea meditation.”  Tea meditation is a meditation method where you make and drink your tea in a mindful and focused state of mind. When choosing the right tea for your tea meditation it is all about picking one that will aid in a better meditation experience. Keep scrolling for the 5 best teas to use during your tea meditation and how you can incorporate tea meditation into your life.

Yogi Relaxed Mind Herbal Tea

Yogi Relaxed Mind Herbal tea helps to center yourself with a relaxed mind,  uplift the subconscious and helps to support awareness.

Aveda Comforting Tea Bags

Aveda comforting tea bags are certified organic, caffeine-free herbal infusion, with licorice root and peppermint calms your senses, promoting a sense of well-being.

Meditative Mind Premium Sachets

These Meditative Mind Premium Sachets contain a soothing white tea blend to sharpen the mind and arouse the senses.

Herbal Cup Ayurvedic Balanced Organic Herbal Tea Anti Stress

This Herbal Cup Ayurvedic Balanced Organic Herbal Tea is blended with Chamomile, Ashwagandha, Lavender flowers, and clove.

Embrace Wellness Tea – Hibiscus, Floral Rose & Cinnamon

Try Embrace Wellness Tea – Hibiscus, Floral Rose & Cinnamon and enjoy the taste of tangy, mixed with a bouquet of flowers, fragrant hibiscus, soothing lavender, calming chamomile and glowing rose. Then enjoy the warming benefits of cinnamon and cloves.

How to Meditate With Tea

Prepare your tea in a complete state of awareness. Watch the water come to a boil, focus on your breath as you wait on the water to boil — feel the steam, inhale, exhale. Remove the tea from the bags, focusing on the sound each movement makes. While your tea steeps, take the time to close your eyes and breathe in and out, continuing to not allow your mind to wander — inhale, exhale. Smell the tea, let your senses really enjoy the amazing aromas. Focus on the sound of the tea being poured into the cup, think relaxing waterfall — inhale, exhale. Take notice the color of the tea, enjoy the warmth from the cup in your hands. Sip your tea slowly, taking moments to really appreciate the taste and smells, while being in the moment.

Tea meditation doesn’t have to be long, take 5 minutes in the morning or whenever you could use a relaxed mind and a good cup of tea.

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