The Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Sore Muscles

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Soreness comes many people in many different areas. It’s best not to worry if you’re feeling sore sometimes the symptoms only last for 24-72 hours other times can last a little longer.
Sore muscles are tight after a work out. The body can sometimes not be use to you using them in a new way.

You can reach for an Tylenol or any other pain relief medication there are also other ways to help reduce muscle pain.

Eat More Foods That Help With Inflammation

The foods you eat daily can make a change in the fatigue you experience with your muscles. You can focus on eating more foods that help you reduce the effects.

– Turmeric
– Nuts
– Tomatoes
– Ginger
– Spinach
– Green Tea
– Cherries
– Blueberries
– Pineapple

Antioxidant Supplements

Using supplements can make a difference in sore muscles.

Looking for supplements that are antioxidant and rich in vitamins A, C, and E help keep inflammation down.

You can also look for juice that is tart cherry or pomegranate before & after you do your exercises.

Heat Therapy

This type of therapy helps promote your blood vessels to dilate and create blood flow.

Get your body to¬† “open up” the blood to keep your flow from delaying any further.

There are several methods to use this technique to help you relieve your muscle soreness.

Cold Therapy

This is best to use if you feel like you’ve occurred an injury.

The best idea is to wait 48 hours before using something like a ice pack and do not apply the ice pack directly to your skin using something to wrap it inside of is better.

Ice baths are known to decrease inflammation, this can help you improve your circulation & reduce the pain.

Eat Foods With Garlic

You can find tons of sulfur & selenium inside of garlic, these 2 are well known to help relieve your joint pain.

The muscles inside of your body become more sore with inflammation, keeping foods that contain garlic in rotation can help keep your soreness down.

Stretch Prior To Working Out

If you’re already sore you can also use stretching to help relieve your sore muscles. There are methods such as yoga that can help relieve sore muscles.

Stretching after a workout is not recommended it can sometimes create muscle tears.

Use Cinnamon In Your Food Or Drinks

Muscles need recovery and the most healthy idea is to use cinnamon, it is a food that is known to help reduce inflammation.

This simple ingredient can also be used in any type of food without being overbearing.

Go For A Jog

Stiff muscles can come from not moving very much, it’s a better idea to go running and prevent any additional soreness. You can do this day by day slowing increasing the amount of time you spend on your jogs to help decrease the soreness.

Drink A Cup Of Coffee

Studies have shown that drinking caffeine can help with reduction of sore muscles.

Grab a cup of coffee as a post exercise method to keep your blood flowing.

This can help reduce your pain up to 48% and is considered one of the best methods in helping you with sore muscles.

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