The Duggar’s Renamed “Deviled Eggs” And People Lose It

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The Duggar’s posted a picture to Instagram showing Anna, Johannah and Jordyn making deviled eggs in the kitchen together. Users were quick to notice that they didn’t call them deviled eggs. “Made some “Yellow Pocket Angel Eggs” together with Johannah and Jordyn! They’re one of our favorites! 💛,” read the caption.

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Of coarse, people lost it over the name change, it is the internet after all. “What a stupid name for Deviled Eggs,” commented one user. “Those are deviled eggs. Are you not allowed to call them that?” asked another.

While many — and I mean MANY people made fun of the Duggar’s for switching the name from “deviled eggs” to “yellow pocket angel eggs” there were some who came in to defend the families decision to call them something different. “@duggarfam That is such a GREAT name for them. I always had a hard time calling them deviled eggs! Thank you for that GREAT alternative!!” commented a user who liked the name change.

“My mom always called them doubled eggs instead of deviled 😂” wrote another. “You people commenting are ridiculous….my grandmother never called these deviled eggs either. They are stuffed eggs! Tomato/tomato people!” another came in to the Duggar’s defense. Regardless of what they’re called, adding bacon on top seems like a genius idea.

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