The Rock Reveals His New Favorite Workout Song

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took to Instagram to give a shoutout to the artist behind his favorite new workout song, “Beserk.” The song by rapper Big Sean, featuring A$AP Ferg, has made it’s way to The Rock’s playlist “for life.”

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“Big mahalo to my brother @bigsean for sending me his & @asapferg‘s (@hitboy) new track #Beserk with the promise it’ll be a new workout 💪🏾 jam for me,” the actor wrote in the caption of his video.

“I hear that all the time from my guys who send me their new songs, but they don’t always cut the sweat and mustard to play while I’m training. Happy to report, #Berserk passed the “In Iron Paradise perpetuity” test which means it’ll play in my gym for life along with @therealtechn9ne, Tupac, Metallica, Kendrick, Black Sabbath just to name a few.”

Dwayne Johnson concluded his post saying, “Keep doin’ it strong brother, congrats on this banger and let’s get that workout in down the road.”

Check out the song that made it to The Rock’s playlist above.

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