These 15 Gifts Are Seriously Funny & All Under $20

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Ho, ho, ho it’s time to let the humor flow! Christmas is a time for family, food, and lots of laughter — I am personally over the whole serious present buying this year, I love to joke around and showing that side of myself through gift giving is what I am looking forward to doing this year. If you too want to bring the giftee your giving to this year some serious laughs — check out These 15 Gifts that Are Seriously Funny & All Under $20.

Funny Print Flip T-Shirt

Description: Men’s 100% Cotton Funny Print Flip T-Shirt {buy here}

Best Friends Chips Salsa Crewneck Sweatshirt

Description: Our shirts/sweaters are nice and extremely comfortable. These won’t sit in a closet. We use only high quality Soft Shirts. These are awesome! {buy here}

Pet Rock With Walking Leash

Description: Gary Dahl’s Original 1970’s Pet Rock. The Pet Rock Family has grown since the 70’s when Gary Dahl
​introduced the original Pet Rock silliest gag gift. {buy here}

MyCozyCups I Before E Weird Mug

Description: Need the Perfect Gift for a Loved One. We’ve Got You Covered! Proudly designed and manufactured in a small humble town on the East Coast of the United States, our small family-owned business works tirelessly to bring you only the best gifts for the important people in your life! {buy here}

BigMouth Inc Original Toilet Mug Coffee Tea Cup

Description: Coffee mug shaped like a toilet. Perfect for the home or office. Holds 12 oz. of your favorite beverage. Dishwasher Safe. Great for the potty-mouth coffee drinker, or chronic farter. {buy here}

Prank Pack Tech Neck

Description: Pull off something funny this holiday season with this prank gift box by Prank-O. {buy here}

MyCozyCups Funny Gift For Brother

Description: HILARIOUS GIFT TO MAKE YOUR BROTHER SMILE- Are you looking for a coffee mug that suits your awesome big, little, younger, or older brother? He will be thrilled when he opens the gift box to find his new favorite coffee mug. {buy here}

Dumbbell Beer Glass

Description: Enjoy your own type of workout with this BigMouth Inc. Dumbbell Beer Glass. {buy here}

Gas Out Game

Description: Enjoy silly fun with this Mattel Gas Out game. Its 56 cards provide the number of times players must press the electronic Guster the Gas Cloud toy, and the last one who doesn’t get a fart sound wins. {buy here}

Yodelling Pickle Musical Toy

Description: Are you sick and tired of trying to convince a jar of pickles to yodel using melodious mind bullets and sheer force of will? So were we. At last, the Electronic Yodelling Pickle that you have always hoped for! {buy here}

Funny Old Man T-Shirt

Description: Perfect Gag Gifts For Men Over 60 {buy here}

Saltiel Goods Blinker Fluid

Description: You have to try this insanely funny gag gift! Prank your daughter, sister, wife, son, or anyone in your life! It’s that simple! DISCLAIMER: This is an empty bottle. {buy here}

Funny Space Cat and Pizza Cotton & Polyester Pillow Cover

Description: LIULIUS 18 Inch Funny Space Cat and Pizza Cotton & Polyester Pillow Cover Soft Square Throw Pillowcase. {buy here}

The TeaBagger Tea Infuser Funny Gag Gift

Description: Do you like pranks and practical jokes?. With this tea infuser, you will have your friends rolling and laughing out loud. Great for a fun party gift or a hilarious gift for a prank. {buy here}

Big Momma Undies Granny Panties

Description: Is there a skinny Minnie in your life who is constantly complaining about how huge she is? Give her a little perspective, or just shut her up, with a pair of mammoth-sized Big Momma Undies. {buy here}

Funny Gift for Mom from Son

Description: This is an “under $20” gift that mom will LOVE, and she’ll see it every morning! {buy here}

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