This Baby Laughing Hysterically At His Dad Rapping Will Warm Your Heart

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Sometimes parents can be funny — and for this adorable baby named Quentin, his dad attempting to freestyle is the funniest thing ever!  A dad from Baltimore, MD tried to take on his son for a rap battle, but instead got hit with the case of the giggles.

In a viral video that has over 5 million views, the dad, stage name, B-doe approaches his son to try and rap, but soon after he begins rapping Quentin starts hysterically laughing… and he continues throughout the entire video –so sweet!

“It’s so dope to give you all a glimpse of what me and wife experience everyday. Quentin is a very happy baby and we’re so blessed that we get to raise him!,” B-doe said about the viral video. The video that has over 120k shares will seriously warm your heart, check it out above for a load of cuteness!

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