This Girls Remix To Cardi B’s “Money” Is So Fire That Even Cardi B Took Notice

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Cardi B’s new single “Money” is no doubt one of the hottest tracks of the year — fans love it so much that many have been posting videos of themselves singing and dancing along to the song. One fan named Malaynah really stood out with her remix of the song that was so on point, even Cardi herself took notice and shared it with her huge Instagram following.

In the short clip, Malaynah remixes “Money” freestyle, swapping out the original lyrics for empowering words about intelligence. She starts off saying: “Hold up, wait, let me get it straight. A girl with a fake ain’t as good as a girl with a brain? F*ck that sh*t.”

You don’t need a tiny waist to prove you’re the best. You gotta be smart, different from the rest.” — killed it! Listen to the full remix above and be sure to check out her Instagram page for more remixes.

One question though, can we get the name of that highlighter, cause it’s on point!

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