This Pink Foam Coffee Drink From Starbucks Is Now My Go-To Order

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Looking for the perfect Valentine’s day drink? Well, look no more! Thanks to Instagram user @thatknoxvillegirl, who uploaded the recipe for the perfect drink order at Starbucks. Naturally, this pink Insta-worthy drink is making its way around social media, and once you read what is in it, you’ll be heading to your nearest Starbs too.

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  • Venti cold brew
  • 2 pumps raspberry
  • 2 pumps white mocha
  • Cold foam made with strawberry purée
  • Topped with chocolate curls

Many are saying this pink coffee tastes like chocolate covered strawberries, so yeah, we are totally on board! Although this drink is the perfect Valentine’s day photo prop, it will also be a great go-to anytime of year. I mean, pink foam and coffee — win, win!

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