This Starbucks Tumbler Gives You A Full Month Of FREE Coffee!

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The holiday season may be over but Starbucks is still in the giving mood, and we’re here for it! Starbucks customers  can now purchase a 16oz Brewed Refill Tumbler that is decorated with a cool looking pattern. The tumbler may seem pricey at $40.00 but there is a great benefit to purchasing one, especially if you’re an avid Starbucks consumer.

If you have one of these shiny cups, you can bring it into any Starbucks for the whole month of January to receive a free hot coffee or hot tea. You can get your free beverage every day for the entire month! All you have to do is hand over your cup and let the barista fill it with your hot drink — for nothing!

Be sure to ask your barista if your choice of drink is covered or you could be charged extra for any additional requests. While the cup may be a little pricey, if you take advantage of getting a free drink every day of the month, you can save major bucks!

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