Tim Chung Reacts To The Rumors Of Him Being Kylie Jenner’s Baby Daddy

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So is that a yes .. or a no?

You know about all the crazy rumors going around — first many were confident that Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy was in fact Tyga, like 100% sure. However, when that rumor died out, another one quickly surfaced. Now,  Tim Chung, Kylie’s bodyguard is “in fact” the father of baby Stormi.
Tim Chung Reacts To The Rumors Of Him Being Kylie Jenner's Baby Daddy
Kylie, Tim, nor Travis has commented on these rumors, but recently TMZ asked Tim, while he was out celebrating his birthday Thursday night at Delilah nightclub, if these rumors were true. When Chung was asked by the paparazzi  about the resemblance between him and Jenner’s baby, he didn’t deny — just simply flashed a grin.Check the video out below.

Even Kylie’s ex, Tyga claims he see’s no resemblance of Travis at all. “Tyga doesn’t care what anybody thinks or says. Stormi doesn’t look a thing like Travis,” an insider told In Touch.

Probably not the best way to shut down a rumor — Tim Chung not denying the rumors will probably just add fuel to the flame.

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