Tim Duncan Added To San Antonio Spurs Assistant Coaches

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Hall Of Fame Center Tim Duncan has signed a contract with the San Antonio Spurs that will make him their newest assistant coach.

Coach Popovich gets to team up with Tim Duncan once again, Duncans role isn’t a big responsibility he will join the bench of coaches on the Spurs.

Duncan, a 1997 Wake Forest graduate, played 19 seasons with the Spurs before retiring in the summer of 2016.

Duncan retired after a 19-year career has worked at times with San Antonio’s post players.

He has long been one of Popovich’s favorites, even going back to 1997 in the days leading up to San Antonio taking Duncan Draftwith the No. 1 overall pick in that 4 year’s draft.
went to the Virgin Islands before that draft Popovich to get to know Duncan and was immediately sold.

“We lived on the beach for a few days and we swam and we talked” Popovich said at Duncan’s retirement.

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