Top 7 Ways to Protect Internal Data Security for Businesses

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The last thing you would ever want in your business is a cyber breach. All your files exposed and every important data lost by some hacker from an unknown location. To avoid this, I have some basic tips that are completely effective to further defend your internal data security for your business. I’m no cybersecurity genius but these are all based on known working defensive countermeasures against cyber criminals.

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  1. Create a Data Policy

In this society we live in today, you will never know who to trust. All it takes to make things more secure is creating a data security policy. Nothing like creating amendments in order to limit what your colleagues and employees can do when it comes to anything data-related. Anybody that violates the terms of services is subject to be taken to court.

Although, your data policy should be open to editing and other proposals in order to adapt to the constantly evolving technology of the world. It should have an effect on your work’s defense much like how government policies affect businesses. You need to set some ground rules, of course.

  1. Update Your Cybersecurity. Always.

Having just any cybersecurity is not enough. For all you know, the one you acquired has been obsolete since 5 years ago. Do check with your internal controls about what cybersecurity works best for your business.

After all, the latest cybersecurity programs include codes that are very hard for potential hackers to break. Old cybersecurity programs tend to be more susceptible to breach since unsuspicious hackers have learned it.

Remember: anything data-related is prone to hacking. Even the most outstanding ISPs can’t do anything unless your cyber defense is well and updated.

  1. Always Backup Data

Out of all the important ways, this is my strongest advice to you: back up your data all the time. Make sure it is done everyday before leaving the office. Why? Because in case of a cyber breach, at least you have duplicates of your existing data.

And where do you store that backup data? Let’s look at #4.

  1. Have an Info Inventory

Think of an information inventory as a sort of digital vault. Here, you can store your backup data and even some more confidential or personal information. Info inventory can come in different shapes and sizes: smartphones, laptops, external drives and other computers.

  1. Make a Strong Password Authentication

You need to create a 2-step password authentication. That alone can one-up your data security by a mile. Use biometrics, anonymous emails or an encrypted physical device so any hacker will give up trying to pass through the 2nd password.

  1. Train Your Employees

Never rely on just one or two persons to help eliminate any data breach. In fact, you should educate your employees on what to do in case of illegal access to data. As SOP, your employees need to understand the basics of what happens when a hacker extracts data from the business.

Think of it like this: a group of armed bandits will come to terrorize your town. However, your town only has 2 gunfighters: you and your Sheriff. As such, you and the Sheriff will need to train your townspeople on how to use arms in order to scare off or even eliminate the bandits once and for all. Your town represents the business, your townspeople as your employees, you as the Mayor and your Sheriff as your head of internal security.

  1. Know Who is Accessing Data

To better secure your business’ info, your data security needs to have a program that will detect who has access to your data. It is pretty much like how employees punch in their time or having a keycard to authorized areas of the building. At least you will know who gets in the data and who is anonymous.

Simple but Effective Tips

These certainly look like basic tips but most overlook it anyway. If big corporate businesses apply these, so should you.

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