Tracy Morgan Throws Some Shade At Tiffany Haddish

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During a recent interview with Vulture, Tracy Morgan was discussing his hit TBS show “The Last O.G.” and when asked about his co-star Tiffany Haddish — his comments came off a little harsh.

Tracy Morgan Throws Some Shade At Tiffany Haddish

Morgan was asked how he felt about Tiffany Haddish blowing up lately to which he responded:

“We’re not going to go there, because Tiffany is not the only one. This is Tracy Morgan, ‘The Last O.G. So if you’re going to ask that about Tiffany, ask that about [their co-star Cedric the Entertainer] and ask that about craft services . . . Everyone that comes to work every day on that show. I love Tiffany, but how I run my set is different.”

Although Tracy might not of been meaning to come off as harsh as he did, Haddish fans were not happy with his response.

Lil Rel Howery who starred alongside Haddish in “The Carmichael Show” felt like Morgan was being a hater.

Howery tweeted, “This is one hating a** dude right here. That show would be nothing if @TiffanyHaddish wasn’t on it . . . Don’t bite the hand that keeps you relevant!!!

Not everyone took Tracy’s comment as being harsh, Cedric the Entertainer came in to defend Morgan.

“Naw, he wasn’t hating. This is Tracy’s comeback, you know, he’s been working on this show a long time. He’s doing interviews. Tiffany’s hot. When you get in these interviews and people want to ask you the same questions over and over again.. that could have been probably one of many interviews Tracy did that day…they keep asking about Tiffany. Like ‘Yo, we ain’t talkin’ about Tiffany we talkin’ about my show.’ It wasn’t no hate like that,” Cedric told TMZ.

He thinks his friend deserves a pass and says Morgan didn’t mean it the way it was taken.

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