Transgender Woman Brutally Beaten In Dallas Texas

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A transgender woman was brutally beaten in a neighbourhood in Dallas Texas over the weekend. The attack happened in a Dallas neighbourhood over the weekend in broad daylight in front of a crowd of people who filmed the incident on their cellphones. Police are looking for clues as to who attacked the woman, according to a statement.

Transgender Woman Brutally Beaten In Dallas Texas

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The woman reported the brutal attack when she sought out medical treatment at the hospital Friday night. She told the police that the attack happened later that day, with people in the crowd spewing out homophobic slurs. A video of the attack that was posted to Facebook shows a man wearing white shirt beating the woman until she ws unconscious.
Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said he is “extremely angry about what appears to be mob violence against this woman” and those responsible don’t represent the feelings of most of the people in the city when it comes to the “thriving LGBTQ community.”
“I am in contact with (Police Chief U. Renee Hall) and she assured me that the Dallas Police Department is fully investigating, including the possibility that this was a hate crime,” said Rawlings in a statement Saturday.

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