Travis Scott Responds To A Lawsuit Over Canceled Superbowl Concert

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Travis Scott, 25, isn’t backing down without a fight. After being sued for cancelling a February 3 Super Bowl LII concert in Minneapolis, the rapper filed a counter-suit against the “wannabe promoters.”

Travis Scott had a contractual agreement with a local promoter called PJAM to perform a short set on Saturday, Feb. 3 at Myth Live in Maplewood, Minnesota. Travis insists that he missed the show because the company failed to provide transportation to get him there.

Travis Scott Responds To A Lawsuit Over Canceled Superbowl Concert

“Three wannabe promoters–Alex Martini, Jefferson Agar and Patrick Johnston, and their company PJAM, contracted with Travis Scott to appear at a February 4 show under terms they had no financial ability to satisfy – even failing to arrange to get him to and from the event as required. In an obvious effort to shake Travis down and avoid the consequences of their breaches, they filed a spurious lawsuit while spreading specious falsehoods in the press,” according to Law firm King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano, LLP’s statement to E! News.

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“Rather than suing, these so-called promoters should have apologized and taken responsibility for their inability to provide the agreed-upon transportation. Instead of pursuing a misguided attempt to spin the narrative and salvage their tattered reputation, the responsible step would have been for PJAM to pay Travis the balance of his fee and move on to their next opportunity,” the law firm continued.

King added that Scott “apologizes to any fans who were duped by these promoters into showing up at the cancelled show even after the promoters failed to take the steps to get Travis there.”

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