Tristan Thompson Is Reportedly Fined 15k For Giving The Middle Finger During Cavs Vs. Nets Game

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Tristan Thompson made a mistake during the Cavs Vs. Nets Game that cost him 15k. On Monday, the NBA star was caught on video giving the middle finger to fans in the crowd. According to TMZ,  “the $15k can be considered a bargain as players in the past, like #KevinDurant and Patrick Beverly have been smacked with fines as steep as $25k.”

The NBA didn’t announce the fine until Thursday, December 6. The media outlet points out Tristan’s $82 million contract, saying “$15k is an anthill ” to the basketball player.

The reason for Tristan giving the crowd the middle finger is unknown, but some still assume it has something to do with the reactions from fans that he still receives for him cheating on Khloe Kardashian. The KUWTK star really wishes people would stop hating on him and move on the way she has.

A source close to the reality star told Hollywood Life, “Khloe is upset and quite frustrated that people are still going so hard on Tristan, she’s ready to put the whole negativity of his cheating behind her and move ahead as a happy and loving family. Khloe appreciates that people just want to have her back, but she doesn’t feel like she needs protection from Tristan at this point.”

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