Trump Supporter Attacked At Cheesecake Factory

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Eugenior Joseph, 22, was dining with his girlfriend’s family at the Cheesecake Factory located inside Dadeland Mall in Miami on Mother’s Day, when he was verbally attacked by staff over his “Make America Great Again” hat.

Joseph’s MAGA hat drew the attention of a female staff member, who gathered co-workers to confront the man, a witness told  The Daily Wire. The witness further claimed about a dozen of those employees circled his table, pointing fingers at the young man.

“So then all the employees started standing there, saying things out loud, like, ‘I’m going to knock his head in so hard his hat’s going to come off,” the source said.

Joseph told The Daily Wire that one employee stood behind him, “balling his fists, smacking his fists, trying to scare me.“Other witnesses for The Daily Wire said some employees used the n-word in reference to Joseph when speaking among themselves.

Joseph said he and his girlfriend went to use the restroom and when leaving they were greeted by the employees, who were “clapping and yelling, and just screaming things at me.” The kitchen staff also allegedly booed him as he walked by.

The man and his girlfriend’s family decided to leave, and were met outside by police. It is not known who called the cops, but the footage released shows Joseph’s girlfriend’s family speaking with multiple police officers who arrived at the restaurant.

The Cheesecake Factory release a statement in regard to the incident.

“No guest should ever feel unwelcome in one of our restaurants and we are taking this matter very seriously. Upon learning of this incident, we immediately apologized to the guests in person. The individuals involved in the incident have been suspended pending the results of our investigation.”

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