Two Middle Schoolgirls Arrested For ‘Satanic Murder Plot’

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Two schoolgirls aged 11 and 12 years old have been arrested for plotting to kill classmates. According to Police, the two girls said they were Satan worshippers and they had planned to kill at least 15 students at Bartow Middle School in Florida.
Two Middle Schoolgirls Arrested For 'Satanic Murder Plot'
On Tuesday, Police searched the two girls and found a butcher’s knife, pizza cutter and scissors. They told investigators they planned to drink the blood of their victims and “possibly eat their flesh”.

The search took place after a student told a teacher about a possible attack at the school.

The two girls were waiting in the restroom for younger students that they could “overpower to be their victims”, police said. In a statement, Bartow police chief Joe Hall said a search through the girls’ phones revealed text messages plotting their attack, and officers had also found a handwritten note that read: “Go to bathroom to kill.”

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