Tyson Is Launching Plant-Based Shrimp

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Tyson is following the plant-based trend by launching alternative shrimp. Tyson is investing in San Francisco based company New Wave Foods and plans to launch the plant-based shrimp by early next year.

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“I was introduced to New Wave by a venture capital friend of mine, and I flew out and had the product prepared for me by a chef, and I didn’t even know it wasn’t shrimp,” says Tom Mastrobuoni, chief financial officer of Tyson Ventures.

The company plans to eventually roll out plant-based versions of crab and lobster too. According to New Wave chief executive Mary McGovern, the plant-based seafood will be rolled out in restaurants.

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The look-a-like shrimp will taste like the real thing but it is hypoallergenic, lower in calories and cholesterol, and higher in fiber, according to the Washington Post.

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