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If you ever look down the arts and crafts aisle in a shop, you’ll see dozens in not hundreds of arts and crafts supplies. We all know the basics but what about the underrated hidden gems? From protective items like cutting mats to the often-overlooked detail scissors, in this list, we’ll be looking at the must-have crafting tools many people forget about.

Cutting Mats

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Well, I mentioned them in the intro so it’s only fair that cutting mats get highlighted. Cutting mats are very valuable when it comes to all kinds of craft activities. Cutting mats provide valuable safety, especially when using materials like craft knives.

Cutting mats can also be used for activities like sewing, fabric cutting, and much more while protecting tables and other surfaces when it comes to things like clay work as well. So, whatever craft work it is you are doing I would recommend getting a cutting mat or two.

Best of all, cutting mats come in all shapes and sizes as well. Self-healing cutting mats, in particular, are one of the best types to get. These mats are designed to better withstand damage and are incredibly durable. The self-healing material won’t be damaged by knife cuts or easily marked making them the perfect way to protect your surroundings.

Crafting Tweezers

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Most crafters will know the importance of the basic tools like a craft knife for example, but this is a very underrated tool that many crafters either forget about or don’t bother getting. Tweezers might not be the most versatile of crafting tools, but they certainly do have their uses.

Tweezers can be very useful for wirework and are one of the only tools designed for small detail work that requires more precision and finesse. So, yes you should get yourself a good pair of crafting tweezers, in particular, look for ones that have a non-slip grip.

Specialist Scissors

Every crafter knows the importance of scissors but getting just one simple pair of average craft scissors won’t be much help when it comes to crafting. If you want to be a serious crafter you will need to invest in multiple different pairs of scissors.

Scissors come in many different forms and just some of the types you should consider are fabric scissors, embroidery scissors, detail scissors, and a good all-purpose general pair as well. Trust me while certain styles of scissors might look very similar, they all specialise in very different areas.

Crafting Storage Kits

Again, this might seem like an area you already have covered after all you might have a box you keep all your craft supplies in or a designated space for supplies. But if you want to be a serious crafter an ensure all your belongings are actually safe and secure you should take a little more care when it comes to storage.

Don’t just get a box you should have proper storage solutions worked out for all your supplies. Like a painting case, paper storage drawers, and even a tool kit for things like scissors and craft knives and of course a few pots and boxes for odds and ends.

Every good crafter should have a proper storage kit to keep everything safe. No matter what type (or types) of crafting you enjoy you should always ensure you have proper storage available.

Stamps and Ink Pads

There are all kinds of pens, pencils, crayons, and paints you can use when it comes to crafting however few people take advantage of the practicality and versatility of stamps. These are brilliants tools for all kinds of craftwork and come in all kinds of designs. You can also use many kinds of inks with them as well.

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