Usher Says This Vegan Burger From “Slutty Vegan” Made Him Feel “Frisky”

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Usher may not be vegan but his recent trip to Slutty vegan, a burger joint located in Atlanta, left him feeling very satisfied. The singer got the restaurants plant-based “Impossible Burger” that is topped with vegan bacon, shrimp, cheese, and signature Slutty sauce. Usher posted himself enjoying the burger to IG. “Yeah, I’m feeling frisky,” he said before taking his first bite. After he ate his first bite, he said, “this is good… this is good.”

The singer isn’t the first celebrity to give Slutty vegan a good rating. Snoop Dogg and Tyler Perry have also raved about the restaurants burgers too. Perry even jokingly accused the staff of lying, saying, “this is too good to be vegan. This is really good.”

Slutty vegan isn’t just appealing to celebrities either, people love their food! When the company first opened their restaurant earlier in the year, there were people waiting in line for 7 hours to get their hands on a burger. Founded by Pinky Cole, Slutty vegan aims to show people that veganism isn’t boring at all.

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