Utah Jazz Owner Says: ‘We’re not a racist community’

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Owner of the Utah Jazz talked to the crowd before Thursday game to respond to the issue’s with the fan who offended Russell Westbrook.

The owner spoke on behalf of the team and requested fans keep an eye out for other fans who may be yelling similar things.

“I am extremely disappointed that one of our quote ‘fans’ conducted himself in such a way as to offend not only a guest in our arena, but also me personally, my family, our organization, the community, our players and you, as the best fans in the NBA,” said the Owner of the Utah Jazz.

“This should never happen. We are not a racist community. We believe in treating people with courtesy and respect as human beings. From time to time, individual fans exhibit poor behavior and forget their manners and disrespect players on other teams. When that happens, I want you to jump up and shout ‘stop.’ We have a code of conduct in this arena. It will be strictly enforced.”

An email was sent out to season-ticket holders, stating the team can revoke tickets regardless of who it may be sitting in the seats during a game.

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