Warriors Will Not Be Trading D’Angelo Russell

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The Warriors recently acquired 23-year-old D’Angelo Russell from the Nets for Kevin Durant.

The pairing of Stephen Curry & D’Angelo Russell lead many people to believe that he would be flipped for another player.

The GM of the Warriors spoke out on the rumors and assured fans that Russell was a part of the team now and they have no interest in trading him soon.

During an interview with reporters GM Bob Myers stated: “I know it’s been written and speculated, and that’s fine. That’s what everybody’s job is to do,” Myers said. “We didn’t sign him with the intention of just trading him. We haven’t even seen him play in our uniform yet, and a lot of people have us trading him.

“That’s not how we’re viewing it. Let’s just see what we have. Let’s see what he is. Let’s see how he fits.”

“Part of our job in the front office and the coaching staff and the organization is, ‘How does it all work?’ … So much of our sport at least, and maybe other sports, is, ‘What are you doing next?’ We got to figure out what we’re doing now.”

We’re just happy that we got a young player that has a lot of upside, in our opinion, and we’re excited at the possibility of him in our uniform.”

It appears Myers is set on finding out if Russell is a good fit for the Warriors and plans on allowing him to be a part of the roster moving forward.

Last season Russell averaged 21.1 ppg,
3.9 rebounds & 7.0 assists on 43% shooting.

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