Warriors Win Game 7 Headed To NBA Finals

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The Warriors show true heart in this game 7 win. Kevin Durant & Stephen Curry combine for 61 points, 14 Rebounds and 15 assists. The pair was unstoppable and showed why they’re truly one of the best duets the NBA has ever seen.

The Rockets started off extremely competitive and stayed in the game all the way up until the 4th quarter. Rockets missed a ton of shots and James Harden couldn’t put together an impressive enough outing to overcome The Warriors fire power.

The defending NBA champs showed true grit and got the job done. The Rockets missed 14 three point attempts in the third quarter and couldn’t get back into the game after that.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr had some words ”It’s amazing how long the NBA game is,” Warriors coach Steve Kerr said. ”Forty-eight minutes, it lasts a long time and there’s so many opportunities to get yourself going as a team. And with our team, there’s just so much firepower, we’re going to get going.”

The final score was 92-101, James Harden finished with 32 points the primary reason for the Rockets shortcoming could have come from being without Chris Paul who was sidelined with a hamstring injury.

The Warriors advance to the NBA finals and will face Lebron James for the second time in a row.

Game 1 will be hosted by The Warriors  on Thursday, May 31st 9:00 PM ET.

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