Wendy Williams Says Kanye West Is “Not Well” Following His Rants

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After Kanye West took to social media yesterday to call out Nick Cannon, Drake, and Tyson Beckford over his wife Kim Kardashian, many fans didn’t know what to think about it. During Wendy Williams Hot Topics segment, she shared her feelings on the whole situation that went down.

While explaining to her audience what Kanye was saying in his rants, the talk show host decided to give the rapper some advice saying, “I mean Kanye, we all know you’re not well, so just get better but don’t talk because when you talk a lot of times you make no sense.

Williams goes on to say the rapper should realize who he’s married to “you didn’t just marry a Kardashian, you married the queen of the dance.

“He went on this wild rant yesterday, slamming three celebrities who talked about his wife. Well, I don’t know who he thinks he married? Kanye, you didn’t just marry a Kardashian, you married the queen of the dance and everyone’s going to keep talking.”

Wendy seems to think that since Nick and Kim had a thing in the past he has the right to talk about her whenever he chooses: “To me once somebody is part of your past, there’s no problem talking about it, that’s your truth. It’s comical to think he’s like, ‘Oh don’t talk about my wife.

While many believe Kanye took things a little overboard with the rants toward the three men, there were some fans who applauded the “Gold Digger” rapper for standing up for his wife.

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