Wendy Williams Shocked Over Taylor Swift Winning Artist Of The Decade “I think that taste has cheapened”

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Wendy Williams was shocked that Taylor Swift took home six awards from the American Music Awards on Sunday. On Monday’s “Wendy Williams Show,” the Williams expressed her disappointment with the fact that Swift has more awards than Michael Jackson and the hist didn’t understand why she was named Artist of the Decade.

Wendy Williams Shocked Over Taylor Swift Winning Artist Of The Decade #8220;I think that taste has cheapened#8221; 348960573

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“Taylor Swift made history, which is like unbelievable to me,” Williams said.

“She won six awards, now she has a total of 29 awards,” she continued. “That sounds unbelievable, but what sounds unforgivable, she’s got more awards than Michael Jackson!”

“Michael had 24. Taylor’s got 29. And Artist of the Decade?! Is she who’s been firing you up for the last 10 years?!”

Williams said that Swift was gifted, but she did say she was unaware of the singer until the Kanye West incident on stage.

“She is so talented,” Williams stated. “I do like her. I’m not quite a Swifty. I didn’t really know her until Kanye brought her on stage all those years ago.”

Wendy went on to say, “I think that taste has cheapened through the years in a lot of things. The quality of clothes we buy — they get tattered and torn real quick. The quality of food we buy — we’re being poisoned by a lot of crap. Just life in general I think has cheapened, and I don’t mean this in a bad way to Taylor, but it’s unbelievable. I appreciate her, but Artist of the Decade?”

Many took to Twitter to take up for Taylor, with one user writing, “Just read an article about Wendy Williams saying Taylor Swift shouldn’t have been artist of the decade and I’m just sitting here like why? Why are people still surprised that she is winning in fan based awards? We buy her albums WE LOVE her music that’s why she keeps winning!”

However, there were also some who agreed with Wendy’s comments.

What do you think about T Swift taking home 6 AMAs, including Artist of the Decade?

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