Why You Should Be Exercising While On Your Period

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When you’re on your period, the very last thing you want to do is exercise (did you say, Extra-FRIES?). Low energy, nausea, cramps, and bloating are among the few reasons why, when on your period, lounging seems like the best option. However, did you know that exercising can actually help ease, sometimes eliminate the symptoms all together? It could also regulate your periods in a natural way. A woman named Kiran Gandhi made news three years ago for running the London Marathon during her period—without a tampon. She did it to raise awareness for women who lack access to feminine care products, and crossed the finish line with blood-soaked tights — if she can do it without a feminine product, you can get up and get moving while on your period– your body will thank you.

Below are 5 benefits to exercising while on your period.

  1. Decrease Depression

  2. Fight Fatigues & Headaches

  3. Regulate Periods Naturally

  4. Ease Menstrual Cramping

  5. Get Rid Of Bloating

Be sure to listen to your body, extensive workouts are not necessary to receive the benefits from exercise during your cycle. Light cardio, such as walking and jogging are great options to get your endorphins flowing, without the intensity of your day to day workout routine. According to Women’s Health, there are exercises you should always avoid while on your period, inverted ‘yoga’ poses, while most yoga poses cause no harm at all, these inverted poses “engorges your blood vessels in your uterus, which makes you bleed more,” leaving you with more cramps.

When it comes to the best feminine products to use while exercising on your period, always choose the product that makes you feel most comfortable. The fear of leaking or smelling shouldn’t be a worry while you’re exercising — wearing a pad could possibly cause more sweating. Tampons are a great choice for being active although, you have to be careful while doing any exercise that works the pelvic area, such as squats which could cause a tampon to be pushed out. The menstrual cup is a great choice, providing leak free protection and comfort.


Exercising at any time will make you feel more energized, more accomplished and your overall health gets the most benefit from being active more. Start out slow, always listen to your body and work your way up to more intense workouts when you’re ready. If you need some great  home workouts — we’ve got you covered with 300+ workouts to choose from in our {FITNESS} category.

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