Will Smith Admits He Had A Colonoscopy Take A Serious Turn While Being Checked

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Will Smith is known for his free spirit attitude towards life and had a shock during a colonoscopy check, he had to have surgery after doctors discovered a precancerous polyp.

The famous actor didn’t make light of the situation, he admitted to Ellen DeGeneres that he wasn’t taking it serious and was in a great mood up until the doctors brought to his attention that they found something serious.

“I thought it was fun, I was gonna vlog it, you know?” said Smith.

“So, we do the whole thing and I’m vlogging. And I was like, Hey, it’s time now we’re gonna do – let’s do the final piece where the doctor tells me everything.”

That’s when the doctor decided it was best to tell him they removed a polyp.

“I was like. that’s not funny.” said Smith.

He’s been vocal about the situation and wants fans to now it’s important to get checked they can get detected for early signs of cancer just like him.

“It is so important to take those health issues very seriously and go” Smith believes it’s better to know sooner than later.

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