Willie Nelson Gets Woody Harrelson Smoking Weed Again

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Woody Harrelson quit his pot smoking habit for two years, but when when Willie Nelson is involved it’s hard to stay away — Woody ditched his sobriety to light one up with his old pal.

Willie Nelson Gets Woody Harrelson Smoking Weed Again

“I would always say, ‘Willie, you know I’m not smoking,’” said Harrelson.

After Harrelson told Nelson many times that he was no longer smoking, Nelson still continued to make multiple attempts at getting the actor to light one up.

“He would always do the same thing, like he was hearing it for the first time — ‘Oh, really? Sorry! I didn’t know!’ This happened like 500 times.”

One day, the pot smoking country singer caught his friend in a “celebratory mood” after winning a game of poker and handed him a joint to which he finally gave in.

“I just snatched it, and was, like, ‘Ah, f-ck it,’ and I take a big draw of it and he says, ‘Welcome home, son.’”

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