Wiz Khalifa Says His 6-Year-Old Son Loves Scary Movies

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Wiz Khalifa stopped by the Late Late Show with James Corden where he talked about his son’s love for scary movies.

Wiz, who shares 6-year-old Sebastian with his ex Amber Rose, said his son isn’t scared of gory things.  His son dressed as Pennywise from Stephen King’s thriller, It for Halloween this year

“So, I didn’t have to explain to him ‘Let’s be evil,'” he told James. “He’s weird. He loves scary movies. He’s not really scared of, like, gory things. He understands that it’s just a story and that it’s a movie and it’s not real. … He’s watched It, both of them.”

Whiz said he had to “get tough” to watch the scary movie.

“I wasn’t even gonna watch it,” Wiz added. “But I was like ‘He’s six, I gotta get tough.'”

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