Woman Murders Husband’s Mistress Before Killing Herself

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Jennair Gerardot from Delaware traveled to Pennsylvania to fatally shoot the woman she believed was having an affair with her husband, before taking her own life, police said on Tuesday.
Woman Murders Husband's Mistress Before Killing Herself
Geradot broke into Meredith Chapman’s (pictured above)  home in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, waited for her and fatally shot her as soon as she walked in Monday night, police said at a press conference.

Gerardot then shot and killed herself. Both of the women’s bodies were found in the back of the home, police said.

According to the cops, Gerardot knew her husband was having an affair with Chapman and that the shooting was a “calculated, planned attack.

Detectives are investigating emails and text messages showing Gerardot planned the killing, police said.

Gerardot’s husband was in the area and believed he was meeting Chapman for dinner, but he became concerned when she didn’t show up, police said.

Chapman was the assistant vice president at Villanova University, where she had graduated from.

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