World Metta Peace Believes Chris Brown Could Of Been In The NBA

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World Metta Peace gets nastalgic about his basketball playing days one name that came to his mind as a true baller was Chris Brown.

Chris Breezy is famous for singing but, has always impressed fans with his ability to play basketball.

“I thought Chris Brown should have been in the league,” said Peace. “Before, 10 years ago when I was playing with Chris? Yeah, definitely. He was better than a lot of people.”

He was asked about Brown on Van Lathan’s podcast.

This lead him to the conversation about the star singer, Brown has shown his skills off at many of the celebrity games thrown by the NBA summer league games.

“He was still young—didn’t have a shot—but what young player has a shot?” Said Peace.

Chris Brown shoots pretty well from the field but should he of elected to become a NBA player most likely he would of made improvements to be a better shooter.



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