Would You Wear A ‘Flying Veil’ On Your Wedding Day? Check Out The Video!

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When it comes to weddings nothing is too extravagant. Little girls right now are planning their dream weddings and don’t even have a boyfriend, yet — from photo booths to horse drawn carriages and the biggest cakes you’ve ever seen — to some brides the more is always the better, and just when you think you have seen it all a video goes viral of a bride having her veil flown to her and placed on her head — say, what!?

This latest trend came about in China which involves a system of pulleys, ceiling rails and weights to “fly” a bride’s veil to her and drop it on her head, they call it a ‘flying veil.’

The ‘wedding craze’ has been catching on, according to Shanhaiist. The video that was shared to Facebook has received over 12 million views and 120,000 shares. While many found the new craze to be beautiful and intriguing — there were also some who found it creepy and a waste of money. I must admit it looks pretty cool!

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