YouTube Star Accidentally Uploads Video Of Herself Hitting And Yelling At Her Dog

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YouTube star Brooke Houts has came under much criticism after she accidentally uploaded a video that shows her hitting and yelling at her dog named Sphinx.The clip that was shared on her YouTube channel on Tuesday is under an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. Houts tells her subscribers in the video that she’s trying to prank her Doberman.

YouTube Star Accidentally Uploads Video Of Herself Hitting And Yelling At Her Dog 1530517754

Image Source: YouTube

When the dog jumps into the video, Houts is seen getting very angry and proceeds to slap Sphinx on the head. She then yells at the dog, “Stop!” and shoves him to the ground.

The disturbing video has since been removed from her channel. However, viewers had already shared it on social media. Houts shared a different (non violent) version of the clip, but later deleted it after recieving hateful comments.

Houts later offered an apology for what  she had done on Wednesday. “To everyone who has been commenting on my social media as of recently,” she wrote in the caption of her statement.

“I want to clarify that I am NOT a dog abuser or animal abuser in any way, shape or form,” Houts wrote. Read her full statement in the tweet above.

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