Yummy PEEP Recipes

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Easter just isn’t Easter without having peeps to devour

There are so many flavors to choose from even sour and mystery options, but the classic is an all time fav! If you are left with left over peeps after Easter try out some of these yummy peep recipes. Enjoy!

Peeps Smores

Yummy PEEP Recipes

Simply replace a regular marshmallow with peeps of any flavor you like and instant smore deliciousness.

Peeps Hot Chocolate

Peeps make everything better even in hot chocolate. Yum!

Chocolate Dipped Peeps Pops

Add chocolate and you have a peep pop. Get the how to HERE

Peeps Popcorn

Get the instructions HERE

Peeps Ruce Crispy Treats

Make these peeps rice crispy treats in 6 easy steps get the instructions HERE

Peeps Coconut Macaroons

Get the instructions to make these delicious brownies HERE or watch the video below:

Peeps Bunny Bark

Get the instructions HERE

Peeps Cocktail

Peeps are even great in alcoholic drinks like this one! Find out how to make it HERE

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