Zac Efron Says He Has Officially “Bounced Back”

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Zac Efron has confirmed with fans that he has officially restored his health back to normal and is looking to move forward in his reality tv show.

The popular actor fell sick while recording in the Papua New Guinea his health is back on track and so is the show.

Zac Efron Says He Has Officially #8220;Bounced Back#8221; 665141274

He thanks his fans and supporters for their help in his recovery as he celebrated with children in the Papua New Guinea villages.

“Killing Zac Efron” is a series that will star Efron in a jungle setting, the island is remote without very much to use beyond basic year and a local guide.

He’s assured fans he is back home for the holidays with his family and the sickness of Zac Efron is over.

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