Zion Williamson Out Indefinitely With Knee Injury

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Zion Williamson will miss the upcoming beginning of the NBA season, He’s currently out with a knee injury.

The New Orleans Pelicans new star will be out indefinitely with an injured right knee.

“Yeah I mean he’s fine,” Gentry told reporters. “He’s not dead guys. He’s a typical 19-year-old kid. He’s upbeat, he has fun and he’s living his dream as he said.”.

This injury put’s a black cloud on the city of New Orleans, The power forward is averaging 23.3 points and 6.5 rebounds while shooting 71.4% this is on 27.3 minutes.

“Obviously, his body is strong,” said Holiday. “Your body can bounce back. But mentally, I think that’s where you just have to lock in and be patient.”.

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