Zion Williamson Will Be Out 6-8 Weeks

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Zion Williamson is currently going to be out for the next six to eight weeks. After he gets his surgery he will most likely be in recovery until he gets healthy.

This injury will put a dark cloud over the city he’s representing, He is currently averaging 23.3 points and 6.5 rebounds in the preseason.

“Obviously, his body is strong,” said Holiday. “Your body can bounce back. But mentally, I think that’s where you just have to lock in and be patient.”.

Hopefully, when he returns in a couple of months, Williamson will look like his old self, and can restore the good vibes in New Orleans.

He will return in a couple of months and will look to return to his original form, The New Orleans Pelicans will have to find a way to fill his position until he returns.

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